Truma Industrial S.r.L. – German soul and rationality meet Italian heart and imagination.

Truma Industrial is a center of excellence in the manufacture of technological components for the gas sector. In our production site in Brescia, Italy, we manufacture high performance products like valves and regulators, that guarantee more comfort and safety in the use of gas applications. Focused on the use in mobile homes our components, our solutions are used as well in households and multiple industries.

About us

We are part of a strong group with a common passion.

Our mother company Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1949 and has a long tradition. Based in Germany with branches in China, United States, and Australia, Truma is a high-innovative world leader in developing gas-, heating- and air-conditioning solutions, specialized in the outdoor and caravanning sectors. What connects all of us within the Group is the passion for caravaning. This makes us strong. Our common claim is to offer added value for caravaners and campers all over the world with the best products as possible.

Our quality guarantee

We develop and manufacture under one roof.
The development of our products takes place within the same Group. This allows us to control and adjust every step in the manufacturing process very quickly. Developed in Germany and manufactured in Brescia, always creating synergies, the result is better solutions: Our components meet the highest standards of quality and innovation, which are second to none.

Our claim

We manufacture high quality and safe components.
With tightly meshed quality management, we create the prerequisite for manufacturing permanently high-quality products and components for safe gas operation. The safety and quality of our products are always our two top priorities – from development through production to quality control.

Our working environment

We create a space for relevance.
Research and development, tradition and innovation: “Truma” is all this with great attention to the staff permanently employed by the company, working in welcoming, modern spaces and on a human scale. At Truma Industrial, we have developed a great sense of togetherness in our teams by involving each employee, depending on their strengths, in projects in which each individual plays a fundamental role.

Core Competencies

Among customers and partners, Truma Industrial is known for a consistently outstanding quality.

With many years of experience and strictly defined and controlled processes in every single manufacturing step, we guarantee safe and high-performance gas solutions and products. Thanks to highly automated manufacturing processes, we are manufacturing ever higher quantities. But at Truma Industrial, we never lose sight of the real purpose of what we do. Even when we are working on piecework, our hearts are always outside and our minds are already on the next outdoor adventure. Exactly where our products will finally be put to use and provide us with comfort and safety.

Founded in


lines of highly automated and high-tech production

produced pieces per day

Our Products

Truma gas pressure regulators for driving mode

We manufacture gas pressure regulators for single-cylinder operation (Truma MonoControl CS) as well as for two-cylinder operation (Truma DuoControl CS). To ensure maximum safety, all Truma gas pressure regulators have an integrated crash sensor, what makes it possible to also run the gas system while the vehicle is in motion.

Truma gas filling level measurement devices

Our gas filling level measurement devices (Truma LevelCheck & Truma LevelControl) determine the level in gas cylinders, using ultrasound. They are easy to use, measure very reliably and are suitable for everyone who uses gas cylinders – from campers to tradesmen.

Truma gas filters

Oily particles are carried along with the gas flow as aerosols, depositing themselves in the regulators and blocking them. The Truma gas filter effectively protects the gas system from contamination in gas cylinders.


Our high-pressure hoses with hose rupture safety device can operate gas-powered equipment not only when stationary, but also while driving. In case of damage, the safety device is triggered and immediately stops the gas flow.


Our valves guarantee safe and trouble-free operation of gas equipment. We produce quick-acting valves for shutting off gas lines, valve blocks for central connection of several gas appliances and coupling valves for connecting external appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we source our materials and subcomponents?

We source supplies of raw materials and components from about forty companies located in North Italy. Also for that reason our production site in Castrezzato, Brescia turned out to be a promoter of growth for the whole region of Brescia.

Where are the components distributed?

The final product comes marketed by the German parent company Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG and its partner retailers.

Does Truma Industrial also manufacture customized components?

Yes, we also manufacture components, that are meant for customer-specific use and solutions. Please get in touch with us, if you ant to make an inquiry. Together with you, we see what’s the best solution for your production requirements.

Is it possible to visit the Truma Industrial production facility?

Our employees are always happy to welcome interested school classes, university groups and, of course, potential new talent. Please contact us if you are interested in a plant tour, and we see what’s possible.

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